• A hot water tank is either on or off and has the same output of BTU no matter how much energy is required in the tank. 
  • The hot water tank will be on less because fewer BTU will be required due to the pre-heated water in the tank. 
  • The watercycle can also reduce or eliminate cold water shock in the tank.
  • The extended life of the hot water tank will ensure there are fewer hot water tanks ending up in landfills.

Watercycles™ Warranty

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Code Compliance

DWHR double-walled heat exchangers meet the Uniform Plumbing Code, Section 603.3.4; 1995 CABO (Council of American Building Officials) One and Two Family Dwelling Code, Section 3402.3.1; 1998 ICC (International Code Council) One and Two Family Dwelling Code, Section 3402.4.2.1; and the 2000 and 2003 ICC International Residential Code, Section P2902.4.2 - Heat Exchangers.

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