Watercycles is committed providing the best Drain Water Heat Exchanger (DWHE) for your business.  Your customer satisfaction and maintenance free ownership.  The Watercycle is safety certified to CSA B55.2 and is the only ETL certified DWHE on the market.

The Watercycle is available exclusively through wholesale distribution and every major wholesale and many regional wholesale distributors carry our product.  If your wholesale rep is unaware of our product, please direct them to our distributor page or have them contact us direct for assistance.



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Enviromentally Friendly

 The watercycle reduces Green House Gases (GHG) without compromising lifestyle.

 The watercycle is 100% recyclable.

Drain Water Heat Recovery is Nationally Recognized

Drain Water Heat Recovery is recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy and Natural Resources Canada as an efficient way to save energy with an average payback period of 2-7 years.

Watercycles™ Warranty

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Code Compliance

DWHR double-walled heat exchangers meet the Uniform Plumbing Code, Section 603.3.4; 1995 CABO (Council of American Building Officials) One and Two Family Dwelling Code, Section 3402.3.1; 1998 ICC (International Code Council) One and Two Family Dwelling Code, Section 3402.4.2.1; and the 2000 and 2003 ICC International Residential Code, Section P2902.4.2 - Heat Exchangers.

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