The Watercycle will reduce the stress on a tankless hot water heater by ensuring the water entering the device is always pre-heated and in its perfect operating temperature.  When placed under significant demand, a tankless heater can struggle maintaining output temperatures as input temperatures fall to 6°C or less. 

  • Ideal cold water input for a tankless hot water heater is 70°F. 
  • Tankless hot water heaters are installed in Canada assuming a 40°F cold water input.  A Watercycle can pre-heat incoming cold water from 42.8°F (6°C) to 73.4°F (23°C).
  • The Watercycle can keep the tankless hot water heater operating at its optimum no matter how cold the water is entering the home.  Depending on the size of the tankless, the Watercycle can increase output from 25% to 50% by pre-heating the water.

The Watercycle, when properly installed, will provide 70°F or better regardless of how cold the incoming water is.

Watercycles™ Warranty

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Code Compliance

DWHR double-walled heat exchangers meet the Uniform Plumbing Code, Section 603.3.4; 1995 CABO (Council of American Building Officials) One and Two Family Dwelling Code, Section 3402.3.1; 1998 ICC (International Code Council) One and Two Family Dwelling Code, Section 3402.4.2.1; and the 2000 and 2003 ICC International Residential Code, Section P2902.4.2 - Heat Exchangers.

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